Current Projects

SMS/texting status: Working and developing.
  • Automated player tournament match notification (complete)

  • Promoter messaging to all players in region(in development)

  • Active player notification at tournament(in development)

  • Bulk Player Entry (in development)

  • Player Separate sign up/embeddable page/link

Player ranking and scoring: Developing.
  • Player rank and points assigned

  • Points system based on the ELO system for points

  • Players assigned to a region or promoter

  • Page for players to access their profile with ratings and stats

  • Admin can adjust player rating and information

  • Pre built Sub domains for local promoters.

  • Links to socials and streams on prebuilt sub domains.

  • Direct advertising of events to players.

  • Online payments of entry fees

  • 100% automated tournament with limited to no on site host

  • Automated dyp, seeded, a/b draw, ect type.

  • Automatic payout generator

  • App for phone

Our goal is to build a very easy to use complete tournament management system. Our goal is for our system, to run tournaments offsite with no local tournament director needed on site. Currently we are focused on building and trouble shooting the texting portion of the system. The current set up is not the final product. Once we are sure we have this working properly we will move on to improving the interface and website. Our focus after this will be ranking and scoring.