Thank you for taking the time to learn about our texting system. Our system might seem complex but it is not. You will be using Challonge to run tournaments and our system to enter players into the event and send text message to them. Think of our system as a sign up page or a CRM system for your tournaments. This is just the beginning. If you want to learn more please visit our project page for info.

  • You must have a free or paid account. Challonge is a free with ads or paid without ads tournament system. I would recommend setting up a test community and building multiple test tournaments to familiarize yourself with the system. Once you feel comfortable you can build your actual community and start building tournaments for your players. You can build multiple communities with one account.

    Part 1 is a simple walk through of challonge and setting up a tournament. Part 2 is using our system.

    Part 1 Challonge:

    • Once on your Challonge account/community click on the new button, than tournament.

      Challonge Connect:

      Application: you can ignore. This is advanced and a way to set a template for your tournaments.

      Basic Info:

      Host: Set this to the community or account you want the public to see as the host of the event.

      Tournament name: Required. Just the name of your tournament.

      URL: You can change this to whatever you like to make it easy to remember or leave it. This changes each tournament.

      Description: Optional, But a basic description that the public can see.

      GAME INFO:

      Game: Enter the type of game played. Foosball is in the list.

      Type: Single(usually single/double elimination) or 2 Stage Tournament (usually swiss/round robin).

      Format: Pick the format wanted from the list

      Break ties with placement matches box. Will let you have matches for 5/6, 7/8 ect to determine the actual winner of the places that tie.

      REGISTRATION: Do not click on any boxes or change the preset settings. Under start time please enter the information required.

      Registration Do not Change Provide a list of participants(you will always click this when using our system)

      Registration fee Do Not Change Free

      Participants Do Not Change

      Start Time Required Enter the time and date of your tournament.

      PREDICTIONS AND VOTING: You can leave this alone or change it how you like

      EXPERIMENTAL FEATURES: You can use them or not that is up to you. We left them off for this tutorial.

      ADVANCED OPTIONS : You can change these how you like. We recommend using quick advance if not reporting scores.

      Click the Save and continue in the right corner and you have created a tournament and will be taken to the tournament Bracket page.

    • Bracket Page: You will see the bracket with matches here. This is where you enter wins/loses and scores. You can also share and embed the bracket once created.

    • Standings page: The current place of each player

    • Announcement page: Announcements can be put here.

    • Log Page: Keeps track of what has been done

    • Station Page(Very Important): This is how your tournament is automated.

      Click on station tab. Than click on the square with a cross in the middle that says create a new station.

      Name: This is Table 1/2/3 or the name where you want players to go play.

      Live Stream URL: Put in a your live stream link if you are streaming or just the station name if not streaming.

      Private Details: This is your own notes ect about the station/table.

      Click on save to continue.

      Back in Station tab on the bottom of the page under options there are 2 sliders. Make sure they are both to the right and orange.

      These are what runs run event automatically. If they are not on you will not run automatically.

      Click save on the bottom right and you are ready to put players into the bracket.

    • Participant page: Do not use. Our system will enter the players in. Any players entered directly will not be on our system.

    • Settings: This is where you can go back and edit the tournament structure. Once a tournament starts there is limited editing allowed.

    • Issues: Not usually used

      Some tips when building tournaments on challonge:

  • Single and double elimination tournaments are straightforward. 2 stage tournaments are where most people have issues.

  • On multistage tournaments you will have participants compete in each group. If you only want 1 group make sure to set group to more than your player amount in the setting menu.

  • On two Stage tournaments you can not change the tournament once you start. Make sure the participants advance from each group is set to the correct number of players. Also make sure you are ok with how you want players ranked by and the type of event for the final. We recommend keeping score for 2 stage tournaments.

  • There is a quick advance player option so players do not have to reports scores. This is in the advanced option at the bottom of the challonge setting menu. We recommend using this for single and double elimination tournaments.

  • You can reset and delete tournaments in the settings menu under advanced options

  • We recommend setting up a account for players to report scores only. You can make this public and let players advance themselves.

    Part 2 Our System :